A relationship that’s focused on your needs.

For over 15 years, IUB has continued its evolution of offering self funded health insurance products and innovation to its employer and union partners.

We’ve been a part of the self funded health insurance industry that has grown from about 60% of the large employers, self funded market to now around 90% of large employers, self funded health insurance market over the past decade and a half. We continue to save our client’s money through cutting out the traditional carrier stock market profit driven insurance model.

Throughout the years, IUB has helped large employers and unions stabilize their health insurance costs and adapt/absorb benefit and cost increases, such as from the Accountable Care Act and Big Pharma. Through self funding, we’ve brought these cost savings components to our clients:


Lower administrative costs through TPA’s (Third Party Administrators)


Enhanced cash flow


Minimized risk through ‘Stop Loss’ insurance protection


Budget transparency


No Insurance Company premium taxes

While we continue excel in this market, our next level support focus has extended to the mid-market employers, ie the 50 – 300 employees.

Mid-market employers are paying anywhere from 8% – 18% more than large employers for their health insurance benefit. This market segment is desperately in need of relief from the inflation busting employee health insurance costs. IUB is here to provide that necessary relief. It’s the next step of our journey.

IUB continues to be a leader within the self funded health benefits and management industry. We’re passionate and compassionate about building a better benefit solution outcome for our partners.