Find out if you’re a candidate for self funding your health insurance.

While many believe that only the nation’s largest employers can afford to self fund their health benefits, the fact is most of the growth in self funding in recent years has been among small employers. Generally, these are the qualities that make up a good candidate for self funding health insurance.

You believe your employee make-up is healthier than average

These are the items that lead you to this conclusion:

  • Consistent renewals from your carrier (please keep copies of your renewal offering to validate this).
  • Your sales rep is telling you your history is good.
  • Your HR person(s) doesn’t know of any employees with serious health issues.

You’re not afraid to push your current carrier for information to bid your account

It’s your business and insurance carriers should be transparent in providing you with information on how they are establishing their charges. We’ve found that, if you push for it, carriers will release enough information to value whether self funded health insurance ‘fits’ your company’s needs.

You want better control of the costs that are driving health insurance

Are some hospitals to expensive for their value? Are the new drugs coming onto the market affordable?  Self funding addresses these issues in a creative and ‘your decision’ approach manner. No more carriers telling you these are the choices, now the choices are yours.